Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pune Rocks to Shamiana

Guess what! I cant believe that SHAMIANA completed a year in Pune too. It was just a few days back when we celebrated our first anniversary in Mumbai and now Pune. It seems like yesterday that we launched our Pune chapter. Time flies and how!
We celebrated our first anniversary in Pune with much elan and people turned out in numbers that we could never have imagined. And why not, after all Indians are lovers of good cinema as we all know. As we showcased seven of the finest short films here people laughed, cried and applauded. The madness at this festival was simply amazing. Films like Marry me, Little Terrorist, Silencer, Hotel Flirt, The Sharpener and the Kid, Free Hugs video and Epilogue of a Friendship just stole the audience's hearts.
We had some of the finest artistes and art lovers gracing the occassion with their presence. Some like actor Juhi Babbar flew in just to be a part of our anniversary. Cute na? Other hotshots included Sunaina Gera and ex HOD, FTII, Yogesh Mathur.
The journey was difficult but amazing. I am so glad that recognition for our hard work has started pouring in at last. Just a few days back we were written about in The New York Times and the Indian press is gaga all over us. We feel elated at the response but agree that the responsibility has grown manifold. After all, titles like Godfather of shorts in India are difficult to carry! But we realise that there is a long way ahead and we just crossed the first milestone. But with all the love from you people out there, I am sure that the journey is going to become beautiful each day and in the deepest corner of my heart I believe that the SHAMIANA family is going to become bigger each day. Thank you so much.

Love for all,

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My rendezvous with shorts

Dear All,
Six months back if someone would have asked me about short films I would have gone blank because back them I did not have the faintest of idea that these films (which I always associated with documentaries, silly as it may sound now) could be so exciting. But thanks to Cyrus who introduced me to this thrilling world of short films. Never had I imagined that the short film industry in India had gathered so many lovers. As I tread into this genre of films, my perception of them being mere documentaries changed. A short film is now capable of entertaining you as any feature film in a much lesser time. Hats off to people like Cyrus who have given a boost to this cute genre. And its not only me. Thousands of youngsters across India have connected to the shorts, some by making them and others like me by watching them. Even renowned celebs have finally started giving them recognition and are trying to do their bit to give shorts a boost. I would never have had this experience. Thank you Cy for bringing me to the world of good cinema.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SHAMIANA in Poona on May 28

Hey Poona,
Here we come again with the choicest shorts from across the globe. But there is a li'l surprise for all the short movie lovers this time as SHAMIANA screens India's only Oscar nominated short 'Little Terrorist'. And if that's not enough for you we also bring you an Aussie short that will definitely capture your hearts. Just make sure that you be there and we promise, you will have the time of your life! Together, let's celebrate good cinema on the 28th of May @ High Spirits in Koregaon Park, Poona. Hope we see you all there!
Cyrus Dastur

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SHAMIANA for short film lovers

Short seems to be the flavour of the season guys! Be it cricket or clothes, we believe in cutting it short, right? And when it comes to watching films, they are no exception as none of us have the time or the zeal to spend three hours watching some god-knows-how-it-will-be films. For all of you who believe in watching quality films are cordially invited to be a part of SHAMIANA. For, SHAMIANA is India’s first dedicated Short Film Club that showcases excellent shorts from India and across the world. And it’s not just watching good films. The club also believes in showcasing your work before the world. SHAMIANA is made for people like you and me who share a passion for good films. Come become a part of SHAMIANA. Together, lets celebrate cinema!
Cyrus Dastur

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear All,
If you think films are your true calling, SHAMIANA is probably the best platform to showcase your talent. SHAMIANA - The Short Film Club not only provides you an opportunity to don the directors hat but also associates your name with some of the biggies of the film industry.
As the club celebrates its anniversary next month it certainly can't think of a way better to do it than to nurture new talent. All you have to do is to find a concept interesting enough for a short film and there you go! You will find yourself amidst some of the best directors, actors and technicians in the industry and get paired with them to make your dream film. With directors like Subhash Ghai and Farhan Akhtar and actors like Tom Alter, Nandana Sen, Juhi Babbar, Sonali Kulkarni, Ashish Roy Kapoor and many more you just can't ask for more!

SHAMIANA welcomes all at Send your entries and responses and become a part of the passion. Together, let's celebrate cinema!

Cyrus Dastur


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Founded by Cyrus Dastur, SHAMIANA, India's only dedicated and fastest growing short film club is passionate about showcasing the finest shorts from the country and across the world.
The people behind SHAMIANA are the pioneers of the organised short film space in India and the company behind the club - TWO PLUS PRODUCTIONS are also into production and distribution of shorts.
What started off with just one screening at Jazz By The Bay has now expanded to 3 CHAPTERS across Bombay and Pune with regular monthly screenings drawing packed houses!
The club has showcased more than 400 short films till date and we can't wait to go to more cities in the coming months!!!
SHAMIANA invites all film lovers to enjoy the finest of short films and screen your own as well. We'll keep you posted on our monthly screenings, any news and other events in the short film world!
And you keep your feedback coming in through blogs, mails, forums and messages! This is your page... Support Us to Celebrate Good Cinema!!